Kate & Shaun // Corbans Estate Skinny Love Wedding

There is nothing quite as great as coming across a couple, and a wedding, that you just click with instantly!  That is totally how I felt with Kate & Shaun, which is amazing considering their gorgeous wedding was a Skinny Love Wedding!
If you aren’t familiar with the concept, Skinny Love is a company who hold Pop Up Weddings and Bespoke Elopements.  Perfect for couples who don’t want the whole fan fair of a wedding day, who might be on a tight budget, but still want the pretty factor of a wedding, or just want to take the organisation off themselves a little.  Vivre and the girls are amazing and work their patooties off often holding pop up days of 5 (yes FIVE!) weddings which last an hour and a half each.  Skinny Love organises the venue, the photographer, the flowers, cake, and celebrant.
So the fact that I hadn’t even met, or been in contact with Kate & Shaun before but we clicked so well was awesome!  Shaun was Kate’s high school crush (awwww!)  But it wasn’t until they met again later on that sparks flew and they found they were meant to be!
Their ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, Kate looked amazing with her stunning beauty and specially designed wedding ring by Zoe & Morgan incorporating Shauns mums engagement ring and his grandmothers diamond eternity band to honour family legacy.  And Shaun looked so dapper in his blue suit and floral tie!
I am sure there is nothing but love and positivity for the two of you in the future!  Congrats guys x

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